Puzzling. Blossoming. Everlasting.

Colorful and tender flowers are a great gift that brings your loved ones endless summer vibes.

Bouquets of the Flora collection breathe freshness and warmth. Butterfly-shaped pieces flutter and transport you to a June afternoon when the air is full of bird songs and the scent of wildflowers. The uneven edge of the puzzles makes the assembly especially fun. And the packaging, similar to a box of candies, will make the gift perfect. This is not just a puzzle — it is a symbol of your unfading feelings.

The Flora series is full of freshness, beauty and tenderness. These bouquets will never wither and will bring you joy for many years.

200 pieces

Elegant gift box

Flower and butterfly-shaped pieces

Enchanting curvy edge

Vibrant unfading colors

$33.99 200 pcs medium
$33.99 200 pcs medium