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Mother’s day present

Mother’s day present

     The last Sunday in November is the day when Mother's Day is celebrated in many countries. I always want to please my beloved mother, on such a special day, by choosing a good gift for her. The huge variety of options on display in stores, catering to every taste, can be confusing. We offer several ideas for a non-trivial Mother's day present.

Gift Ideas

     A mom will certainly be happy with any gift from her beloved son or daughter. Even if the present turns out to be not particularly useful, she will lovingly keep it. But I want to give her not just any old trinket out of duty, but rather a truly pleasant gift that can express the love and care I feel for her. Here are several ideas that come to mind:

  • A make-up table.
  • A hydro massage foot bath.
  • Kitchen gadgets
  • A robot vacuum cleaner.
  • A voucher for spa procedures.
  • A steam sauna for facial cleansing.
  • A set for making rolls and sushi.
  • A set of stylish jewelry.

     So that there is a reason for the whole family to get together even more often, an original board game can be a great addition to these gifts - for example, wooden puzzles from the collection of our store.

About wooden puzzles

     Wooden jigsaw puzzles are not at all like ordinary cardboard ones. They make beautiful 3D figures that will not be remembered, they will not fall apart and will become a worthy decoration inside a home as part of a collection. Their other characteristics:

  • Use of natural, environmentally friendly material.
  • High durability – the wood is strong, so the puzzle can be re-assembled again and again.
  • Beautiful, sophisticated texture.
  • Variety of images that can be assembled from puzzle pieces.

     The puzzles are sold in natural wooden boxes, which transform them from a standard puzzle into a valuable gift. It can be given as a Mother's Day present, and will enable her to gather the whole family round for an interesting and exciting game.


You can choose the size
of the puzzle.
You can choose the size of the puzzle.
$39.99 108 pcs simple
Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Prosperous Bull
Last Chance Last Chance
You can choose the size
of the puzzle.
You can choose the size of the puzzle.
$27.99 $39.99 102 pcs simple
$90.99 $139.98 600 pcs hard

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