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16yo girl present

16yo girl present

     16 years is a transitional period between childhood and adulthood. This is the time when a girl starts to think about choosing a future profession, prepares for school exams, and chooses an educational institution. At the same time, this is a period of high activity; a learning curve of the world around her, her first relationships and a time when they really want to be the best in everything. We offer several ideas for a present for a 16 year old girl, taking into account all the characteristic features corresponding to a girl of this age.

What to give a girl at 16

     The gift should be such that it allows the girl to demonstrate independence and at the same time emphasize that she is full of energy and activity. Some ideas for a present for a 16 year old girl could be:

  • A gift certificate in the SPA salon.
  • A subscription for a video streaming service.
  • A gift certificate for a cosmetics store.
  • Wireless headphones.
  • Romantic things for interior decoration.
  • A subscription to a sports club.
  • Tickets for a musical concert of her favorite band.
  • Adventure gift certificate (paddleboarding or hot air ballooning, for example).

     Another option for a present for a 16 year old girl is puzzles, but not cardboard ones, which are not perceived as a gift, but ones made from natural wood.

Features of our puzzles

     In our store you can buy unique signature paintings, which are made up of parts that create an original form when assembled. There are also other specific collections based on different themes, for example, structures and buildings, sports, technology and other topics. A separate collection contains maps of countries and the whole world. They are designed to be, not only an interesting game, but also an exclusive interior decoration piece, since the kits include everything you need to create a decorative wall panel.

     All collections are packaged in a stylish natural wood box that has preserved its exquisite natural texture. This emphasizes their premium quality and makes them an excellent present for a 16 year old girl. Choose the right set and delight the girl with something beautiful and the ability to express their creativity.


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