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$150 Christmas present

$150 Christmas present

     $150 is a good budget for a good Christmas present for your loved ones, colleagues or relatives. There is one difficulty, though: how do you find a good gift among the huge variety of items available at the store? So, we would like to offer you a few $150 Christmas present ideas that will make for the most magical holiday.

How to choose a good Christmas gift

     When choosing a present for Christmas, you should focus on several things: The age of your friend or loved one, their gender, how close you are, their profession and hobbies. Of course, a present for a colleague with whom you are not very close will be totally different from a present for your best friend. Here are a few $150 Christmas present ideas to help you make your choice:

  • For a man: a cashmere scarf and mittens, a home bio-fireplace, a set of expensive alcoholic beverages, a high-quality Scandinavian style sweatshirt, a globe-bar.
  • For a woman: a set of handmade Christmas tree toys, kitchen gadgets, a soft blanket with a Christmas print, a spa certificate, a fondue set, stylish dishes.
  • For a child: air hockey, a home planetarium, a smartphone, a game console, a virtual reality helmet, an electric scooter.

     You can also get a board game to compliment one of these $150 Christmas present ideas. A board game will help you have some fun quality time with your family and friends. For example, we recommend the wooden jigsaw puzzles from our catalog. They are made of natural wood and don’t contain any toxic materials, they are beautiful and very durable.

Features of wooden puzzles

     The puzzles from our collection are three-dimensional figures that are assembled from several wooden parts. Their number is different – from a few parts intended for children, to dozens of parts, designed for adults. As a result you will get a wooden figurine, a beautiful painting or a wall map made of natural wood.

     There are many interesting sets in our store – from various buildings, trains and equipment to soccer balls. The collection of the online store also includes unique wall maps that are assembled from valuable types of wood, and designer paintings that can be built from parts of unusual shapes. Each of the jigsaw puzzles in our collection is original, unusual and makes a great $150 Christmas present.


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